Who Am I?

Bad Picture of Me Well, as you can probably tell from this page, someone who's not done enough studying of HTML, Java and JavaScript technologies, but I do know enough to be trouble. I have an online resume for those that are interested. The image at left is courtesy of (shudder) Microsoft and the Sony Metreon Theater complex in San Francisco where I spent a week with my brother and his wife doing a little home renovation.

I live in the Rainey Neighborhood in Austin, which has become something of a clusterf*ck (mostly Thursday - Sunday + "Spring Festival Season") for the residents of the neighborhood due to the never ending noise levels from the various bars that have moved in. To that end, I've started scraping the City's sound permit site to keep track of who's got a permit and what the terms of the permit are. I will attempt to keep this up to date in an effort to better inform the residents of what's going on. For grins, the current permit list for the entire city is quite large.

My interests include running, kayaking, cycling, weightlifting, Linux, Lego MindStorms and Atari vector video games.

Photo Album

I recenty got a digital camera, so I may as well post the pictures on the web. The photo album (an experiment) is just getting started so there's not much there yet. I hope to scan and post all of my conventional photos once I get the time.

New - Running Log

I recently purchased a Garmin Forerunner 201 GPS watch which is a pretty cool toy. It automatically tracks distance, time, pace, altitude, speed and location and you can download this data to your pc. The included software runs only on Windows (ugh) and doesn't support overlaying a map on the track data, so I wrote some Linux CGI programs which read the XML file generated by the watch, merge the data with some maps from TerraServer.com and plot my runs on the maps along with an altitude change graph. It's pretty simplistic, but it's only a weekend's worth of work... You can track my progress and see where I've been. Amazingly, the curvature of the earth is enough over a couple mile area that it's not possible to correctly plot really long runs on a flat map without a much better understanding of the math involved in mapping latitude and longitude to X,Y coordinates on an aerial photo (it's not even possible to stitch the terraserver.com maps together accurately as they seem to be playing games with flattening or unflattening the images - hence you'll see occasional discontinuities in some roads). For a more interesting version, try this. This is implemented with the Google Maps API and is pretty slick. No more needing to suck down and stitch together the terraserver.com imagery. Of course, you lose the pace graph and pace coloring of the trails, and the altitude graph is part of the per mile popups (click on a mile marker to see it), but you gain the ability to place markers, pan, zoom and do other neat tricks. All of this is available from the sourceforge open source project Web 4 Runner. It now supports running, biking (running really fast) and I'll be adding kayaking soon (if I can figure out a way to determine that a "run" is mostly on the water....) If anyone has a Forerunner 301 and would like to send me the xml file, I'll see about adding heart rate support to the graphs.

Recipes, just in time for the holidays

You can visit some of the places I once and still do occasionally visit by clicking here.

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