Challah Stuffing


1Large challah (about 1 lb)
20 OzFrozen diced onions (or 2 large onions, diced)
1 pintDiced mushrooms
1Whole celery, chopped
1 CubeButter
10 - 20 OzLow sodium chicken broth (to taste/moistness)
4 packagesSeasoning blend (George Washington brand [salt, MSG, onion powder, spices])

Adjust amounts to taste and quantity of Challah used


Shred challah in cuisinart using chopping blade. Place in large pan.

Sautee celery, mushrooms and onions in large skillet. (about 20 minutes). Add celery, mushrooms and onions to challah and stir together. Add seasoning packets and chichen broth until very moist, but all liquid should be absorbed. Stir together until thoroughly mixed.

Bake uncovered at 350 (325 at altitude) for 40 minutes. Check during baking and add additional broth as needed.